Suddimitra Started in year 2018 by ambitious students of journalism, Nagaraj Balegadd and Vikram Hegde, Both are journalism students, Both were intended to give useful, truthful information for readers.

In 2018 suddimitra shut down because economic issue, that time Rakesh DL, One who supported suddimitra, He contributed knowledge and skills for our team, later some local shop keeprs helped suddimitra by giving small ammount of money, Now suddimitra has more than 30 thousand visitors, Suddimitra also has its own app for Android, Suddimitra Team planning to launch website in various languages.

We thankful for everyone who helped us, guided us, who encouraged us! We are thankful Rendrr Team who helped us a lot in technical field.

This is small story of suddimitra! This is how we came this world!